Magic Apples- Our Amazing Surprise Fall Harvest!

I have an amazing discovery right under my nose right here at my home that I must share.  The other day my husband was working out in the yard as he does on a regular basis.  Suddenly I could hear him yelling my name.  We have a wooded area directly in front of our house separating it from the road.  My husband was standing out near the far edge of our property hollering to me and waving me over.  I ran out there wondering what was going on thinking that he might have found something in the woods.  He said to look up as he pointed at a tree.  This tree that has been there for 10 plus years.  This tree that I have planted bulbs near its base and my husband has trimmed around has miraculously produced an abundance of beautiful apples!!!  I know that I may sound silly being so excited about this but you have to understand that I know my yard and all the different plants, trees, bushes and flowers that exist.  I constantly add to the eclectic mix and have been an avid gardener most of my adult life.  There has never been an indication that this was an apple tree.  Never ever were there fallen apples of any size or shape.  Behold, as we have a tree that is mature bearing amazing large, red, beautiful apples!   That day in awe I picked an apple and bit into it.  The apple was a combination of sweet and tart and just the right amount of crispness.  Several days later I am still in awe.  Now we have the task of harvesting these amazing miracle apples as soon as possible..  All I can think about is the pies, tarts, sauce, cookies and cakes I will be making soon!!!!  Did I mention that  I think they are Macintosh !?

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed……

After a Sunday morning rain which we needed desperately, the mist cleared and the sun came out.  The grapevines hanging over my porch were glistening in the sunlight and when I walked out  the air was sweetened with the scent of Concord grapes.  I  closed my eyes and  felt so thankful for everything and everyone in my life.  I took a ride out to Colchester to visit my son Gordon his wife Alyssa and my eight month old grand-daughter Cora.  As I enter their living room, I looked over to the far corner of the room and saw two big brown eyes, hands, and spiky tiny dark brown pigtails peering over the edge of the pack-and-play.  She had an ear to ear smile and her eyes were glistening with happiness as I approached her.  How could this be!?  She was just born!  She is standing, cruising and squealing with delight.  I picked her up, kissed her and held her tight whispering Nonna, Nonna in her tiny ear.   I am so grateful that she is in my life.  For the next hour I repeated these three actions.  I held her, I showered her with kisses and we laughed together.  My son and his family have brought me so much joy by sharing their hopes and their dreams with me.   I am so blessed to be a part of it….  I hope your Sunday was a happy one too.


I have been toying with this outrageous idea of putting my life and experiences out there for all to see and know.   Not for months but for YEARS!   Finally, here I am and suddenly I am experiencing writers block or is it nerves?  Nerves I think more than anything.  Once you get to know me you will soon see that I am seldom if ever at a loss for words.  My goal here is to share all those things that are part of my life.  Things that really make me happy like home, family, cooking, eating ( yes eating), tips and tricks, crafting and creating.  It has come as quite a surprise to me that I have unearthed this need to create at this stage of my life.  There is so much to share and I look forward to this with all my heart.  My plan is to post daily even if it is brief or at least 3-4 times a week.  Now that I have made that statement, is it proper blogging etiquette to make declarations like this?  Anyway, after a deep breath, and a sigh, I promise to share and to be honest in what I share with loads of enthusiasm.  I have story’s to tell and recipes that will make you wish I was cooking for you!.  Welcome to my new adventure.  Until next time… tomorrow.. maybe!