New England Small Town Fairs

This is the time of the summer when you can find a small town fair open every weekend.  Last week-end we went to the Brooklyn Fair and today we went to the Woodstock Fair.  It was amazingly hot and humid today 86+ degrees in the shade.   My husband George and I braved the heat and took our three-year old grandson Javan to his first country fair.  The crowds were fairly moderate due to the heat but the diehard fair goers were there with their children in tow.  There were rides and crafts tents, and food stands as far as the eye could see.  We saw a barnyard full of farm animals and our grandson pet his first calf.  The roosters were confused as to the time of day and were cock-a-doodle doing all over the place.  We also saw the winning giant pumpkin that was nearly as tall as Javan!  Food was our primary motivation for going and we carefully mapped out our plan to find the booths that sold the sausage and peppers on a hard roll, the strawberry shortcake and the famous fried dough.  When I say that the fried dough was huge I am not kidding!  It was as large and round as a dinner plate CHARGER!  Golden on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  I proceeded to coat it with a quarter-inch of powdered sugar.  I shook it from a container that once upon a time held a couple of gallons of mayonnaise and now in its new life, served as a powdered sugar shaker.  It was amazing!  Our grandson asked what it was and moments later found out it was pure heaven on a paper plate.  We quickly found bleacher seats behind the fried dough stand and sandwiched our grandson between us for safety.  We than began to tear the fried dough in to manageable sized pieces and stuffed our faces in silent harmony.   In a matter of minutes, we were all covered in powdered sugar.  Combined with the heat and sweat it really stuck to us!   Once I came up for air, I noticed the elderly woman sitting next to me… also covered in powered sugar!  She was NOT eating fried dough.  While we were in a state of fried dough hypnosis, a breeze had kicked up and coated her in powdered sugar!  It was at that moment that I signaled to my husband and the three of us took our exit.  There we were, faces covered in white powder, messy, sticky but satisfied.  It was a successful and meaningful day at the fair.  I hope if you have a fair near you, you take the time to check it out.  Hopefully with someone you love.

Friendly Sheep

Friendly Sheep

Prize Winning Rooster

Prize Winning Rooster

Javan on the Merry Go Round

Javan on the Merry Go Round


About New England Nonnahttps://newenglandnonna.wordpress.comI am a wife, mother, grandmother and lover of all things related to home, homesteading, and family. I love to cook, bake, and make candy treats and sweets of all kind .... because I love to eat! Seriously, My family is my heart and my inspiration..

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